Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

What is Azure?

The Microsoft Azure Service Platform is a big part of Microsoft’s cloud computing initiatives. It is designed specifically for the cloud.

Microsoft Azure includes Windows Azure, which is a cloud specific OS designed to provide scalable compute and storage services. It is supported by Microsoft Azure App Fabric, which is a collection of different tools for supporting applications in the cloud. SQL Azure enables storage, as well as management of data, similar to the conventional relational database services of an SQL server.

Azure for Financial Services

Drive innovative cloud solutions in financial services with Azure. Transform the customer experience, optimise risk management, simplify regulatory compliance and use cloud resources to extend your on-premises capacity on demand

Rely on a trusted platform

Ongoing investment in security to meet evolving threats and the most comprehensive compliance portfolio in the industry. Get the tools and resources you need to meet regulatory requirements more easily.

Drive your business with AI and machine learning

Cloud-based analytics give you the insight you need to optimize everything from back-end operations to the customer experience.

Extend capacity with on-demand cloud resources

A consistent hybrid platform from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud lets you add capacity for high demand workloads, paying only for what you use.

Get the benefits of software services in the cloud

Capitalize on the lower cost, flexibility and faster data analysis gained by using banking software services in the cloud. Spend less for on-premises IT, so you can focus on innovation. Reinvest your savings and gains in areas such as product development and enhanced customer service.