CRM Portals

What is a Portal?

A portal is an independently running application that exposes specific CRM data and functionality to the expected users. It can be leveraged to model business processes that aren’t easily modeled inside CRM or to provide a higher level of integration between your CRM and your clients. Users can range from full CRM users to external clients with minimal rights and access.

There are a few big wins to be had with a properly leveraged portal. Let’s explore some of the pre-packaged templates and opportunities for extensibility.

Self-Service Portal:-

  • Organizations can maintain Polls / Surveys within a customer. (Survey entity)
  • Customer can search for Articles (KB Articles entity)
  • Customer can also search for answers/organization products information on forums
  • KB articles can be easily found out by using the search bar available on home page.
  • Customer can create case request to org for assistance also it can be tracked.

Community Portal:-

  • Organization can publish articles to customers
  • Customer can post messages on forums and have discussions.
  • Organizations can maintain Corporate / Community blogs
  • Customers can share ideas / votes and feed backs using this portal.
  • Customer can create Case request for better assistance.

Partner Portal:-

  • Partners can post messages on forums and have discussions.
  • Organization can publish articles to partners
  • Partner Registration can be maintained (approve / Reject in CRM)
  • Registered Partners can maintain new customer accounts and contacts related to them.
  • Distributed opportunities (which is assigned by organization to Partners) Partner has to accept it before work on them
  • After Partner accepts opportunities those will be appeared under managed opportunities list.
  • In Managed opportunities partners can also create their own opportunities if required.

Event Portal:-

  • Event portal allows publishing event related information to wider audience.
  • Partners / Audience can also register for events. Also audience can share events with others.
  • Speaker related information can be easily maintained in CRM so that it can be rendered on event portal accordingly.

Project Service Automation portal:-

  • Customer and Partners can view projects using portal, Customers can view active/closed projects related to organizations and partners can view projects and project related resources of an organization.
  • Customer can approve/reject quotes related to their organization specific projects.
  • Partner after approve invoice , customer can view the invoice (if visible to customer check box is checked on CRM)
  • Final versions of orders / contracts will be available to customers to view (if visible to customer check box is checked on CRM)
  • All project specific resources will be visible to both partners and customers.

Field Service Portal:-

  • Customer can view all Service Delivery agreements created in CRM.
  • Customers can view/create/edit account specific assets.
  • On partner portal customer can view account specific active/inactive work orders.
  • Active/inactive invoices also customer can view on partner portal.