Digital Accessibility Standard (WCAG2.1 Guidelines)

Digital services to be accessible to everyone
22 March 2024 by
Digital Accessibility Standard (WCAG2.1 Guidelines)
Hari Prabhu

All online content and services shall meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and, at minimum, the AA level of the WCAG 2.2 guidelines.

There are four fundamental principles to be considered during design and development to make sure content and functionality is accessible are;

1. Perceivable: Information and user interface components to be presented to users in a way they can understand.

2. Operable: Interface components and navigation elements must be operable.

3. Understandable: Content must be easy to understand in terms of language and how the user interface operates.

4. Robust: Content must be robust enough to be interpreted reliably by various user agents, including assistive technologies.

Digital Accessibility Standard (WCAG2.1 Guidelines)
Hari Prabhu 22 March 2024
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