How to use Odoo ERP Email Marketing?

Effectively reach your target audience and drive engagements
27 March 2024 by
Bhuvana Mani
To use Odoo Email Marketing effectively, follow these steps:

Install and Set Up Odoo ERP Email Marketing Module:

Make sure you have the Email Marketing module installed in your Odoo instance. If not, install it from the Odoo App Store.

Set up the module by configuring your email settings, including SMTP server details and sender email addresses.

Create Email Campaigns:

Navigate to the Email Marketing module and create a new campaign.

Define your campaign's objectives, target audience, and content strategy.

Choose an email template or create a new one using Odoo's drag-and-drop email builder.

Customise the content of your email, including text, images, and links.

Segment Your Audience:

Utilise Odoo's segmentation tools to divide your contact list into targeted groups based on criteria such as demographics, purchase history, or engagement level.

Segmentation allows you to send personalised and relevant content to different segments of your audience, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Schedule and Send Emails:

Set the sending schedule for your email campaign. You can choose to send emails immediately or schedule them for a later time.

Review and test your email campaign to ensure that it displays correctly across different devices and email clients.

Once satisfied, launch your campaign and monitor its performance.

Track and Analyse Results:

Monitor the performance of your email campaign in real time using Odoo's analytics dashboard.

Track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Use the insights gained from analytics to optimise future email campaigns and improve results.

Automate Email Workflows:

Set up automated email workflows using Odoo's marketing automation tools.

Create drip campaigns, welcome series, abandoned cart reminders, and other automated workflows to nurture leads and engage with customers at various stages of the customer journey.

Automating email workflows saves time and ensures consistent communication with your audience.

Comply with Regulations:

Ensure compliance with email marketing regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CAN-SPAM Act.

Obtain consent from recipients before sending marketing emails and provide options for unsubscribing from your mailing list.

Odoo provides features for managing subscriber consent and handling unsubscribe requests to help you stay compliant with regulations.

By following these steps, you can effectively use Odoo Email Marketing to engage with your audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

Bhuvana Mani 27 March 2024
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