WhatsApp with Odoo 17

WhatsApp Integration with other Odoo applications
5 March 2024 by
WhatsApp with Odoo 17
Hari Prabhu

Level up your customer experience by engaging with your customers the way they like. Benefit from a 520% better open rate on marketing communications.

The primary beneficiaries of the WhatsApp integration feature are companies that use this instant messaging application as their main communication channel since they can use its integration with Odoo to consolidate and improve their interactions

Convert conversations into leads, send PDF quotations, send event badges and reminders, send invoices, etc.

WhatsApp Integration with other Odoo applications

Point of Sale (POS): It is now possible to send POS receipts directly through WhatsAion of their purchases.pp, simplifying the transaction process and offering customers a convenient means of receiving documentation of their purchases.

Livechat and CRM : The integration facilitates the creation of leads from conversations in Livechat, strengthening the relationship with customers from the first contact and improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Sales and Electronic Commerce : Communication extends to the generation of quotes and orders, allowing companies to send these documents directly through WhatsApp. This functionality streamlines sales processes and improves the customer experience.

Payments : Payments can be requested via direct links through WhatsApp, providing businesses with an efficient and secure way to manage financial transactions.

Inventory : The integration makes it easy to send delivery notes and tracking links directly from WhatsApp. This is especially valuable for businesses that need to keep customers informed about the status of their orders and deliveries.

Accounting : Invoices can be sent via WhatsApp, closing the sales cycle and facilitating the billing process for more efficient accounting management.

Events : Confirmation of registrations and event reminders can be sent directly through WhatsApp, improving participation and communication in planned events.

Advantages of integrating WhatsApp with Odoo

Instant Communication : The integration allows Odoo users to communicate instantly via WhatsApp. This facilitates quick resolution of queries, team coordination and agile decision making.

Message Automation : Odoo takes advantage of WhatsApp's automation capabilities to send personalized messages, reminders, and notifications. This is especially useful in processes like sales follow-ups, appointment reminders, or order status updates.

Customer Management : The integration improves customer management by centralizing interactions in one place. Teams can access conversation histories directly from Odoo, making it easy to track and personalize interactions.

Lead generation : The connection between Odoo and WhatsApp allows the capture of leads directly from the messaging application. This simplifies the lead generation process and speeds up the conversion of prospects into business opportunities.

Security and Compliance : Odoo prioritizes data security and privacy. The integration with WhatsApp is carried out securely, guaranteeing compliance with regulations and standards regarding data protection.

Unified multi-channel communication

The only platform to unify all touchpoints in a single platform. It's so easy: just chat in Odoo Discuss, and messages are sent to the right channel automatically.

Messaging within Odoo

Send and receive messages all from the Odoo


Pre-fabricated templates for easy business flows. Create custom templates with dynamic placeholders/variables.

Cost Effective

Odoo integration is free and at a low cost per message through Meta.


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WhatsApp with Odoo 17
Hari Prabhu 5 March 2024
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